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Adding Significance into Self-Management

In a previous post, we explored the idea of Covey's Time-Management Quadrants, and the need to spend as much time as possible working on items in Quadrant 2, that are important but not yet urgent.

In his fascinating book Procrastinate on Purpose, Rory Vaden suggests that self-management is not actually two dimensional as many people have believed previously. Vaden suggests that when making decisions about which tasks to focus on, the most successful people take into consideration urgency, importance and significance. In other words they look at the length of time that there work will be impactful.

A great example of this would be training retail store managers on how to place a service request to solve their facility maintenance challenges. Continuing to guide them on an individual basis is extremely time-consuming and is an activity that definitely lives in Quadrant 1. Training is minimal, and the only time the matter is discussed is when a store has a challenge and needs service. This matter is now urgent and you need to put down everything that you are doing to address this issue. Instead of handling these items on a case-by-case basis, "Multipliers" as Vaden calls them, would instead spend the time creating a detailed training manual that would outline all of the steps involved in submitting a service request. It's essentially teaching someone to fish rather than simply providing them with a fishing net.

You might ask what does this have to do with the upkeep of retail facilities? The answer is simple: facility managers are looking to create a safe store in which customers and employees experience a premium in-store experience, while effectively and efficiently managing the maintenance budget. By getting ahead of the game, working only in Quadrant 2, and focusing on significant tasks, facility managers now have a framework that allows them to work efficiently, effectively, and enjoyably! Instead of scrambling at the last minute to solve an issue, the occurrence of the challenge is prevented through pro-active management.

Partnering with a facility maintenance company will remove the above items from Quadrant 1, the consolidated data will allow you to eliminate those items in Quadrants 3 and 4, and you will be able to focus on quadrant 2. This is where you have the most control of your time, and budget, and is where you should be spending ALL of your time.

If you are wasting precious time outside of quadrant 2, we can help. We understand the fatigue and frustration that comes with working in Quadrants 1,3, and 4, and can help you work in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Start clawing back your time today by scheduling a free consultation with our team of trade experts. At the very least we will be able to provide you with some valuable ideas that will help you to get out of the weeds and spend more of your time working on strategic matters instead of putting out fires.

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