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Facility Maintenance

ROYAL solves your retail facility maintenance challenges while improving the in-store experience for your employees and guests. Our services give you peace of mind that your branded environments are in good hands while giving you back time in your day to focus on your core business.


ROYAL provides Service that Solves through our unique handling of facilities maintenance and repair service requests. Active project management from trade experts often leads to call avoidance, a reduction in store disruption, and reduced maintenance spend. This thorough maintenance can extend the life of your assets, create a more comfortable experience for your guests, and reduce the chance of an asset failing at the worst possible time. In the increasingly competitive world of brick and mortar retail, the last thing your brand needs is store downtime.  


We leverage our network of trusted vendor partners to solve your multi-site facility maintenance challenges efficiently, economically and effectively. Unlike other facilities maintenance companies, we utilize cutting edge technology to provide our project managers with the information that they need to make intelligent decisions. Our team leverages tools such as BAS data, 3D immersive imaging, and our in-house RAZOR database to solve facilities maintenance and repair problems in the least disruptive manner possible.  


Troubleshoot and and craft scope of work.


ROYAL analyzes the store's history and current warranties to plan for the best course of action.

Fully vetted and insured technicians are dispatched. The technician’s estimated time of arrival is shared with store.

Technical expertise is used to solve the service request with our quality assurance guarantee.

Resolution of service request is recorded and results are reported to client.

Track your company’s expenditures by trade and year-over-year spend history.

Flow of a Facility Maintenance Request at ROYAL

Experience our excellent client services through a Pilot Program.

We encourage you to try out the ROYAL Pilot Program and compare your experience and results to other facilities maintenance companies.  Our Pilot Program is set up in four simple steps:



Together we identify 10-20 stores, typically in one region, to provide ROYAL facility maintenance services for 90 days.



ROYAL introduces you to your Account Liaison, your one point of contact moving forward. Having one point of contact helps us build a solid relationship with our clients and makes communication easy.



Sit back and enjoy the experience of working with ROYAL. We provide service to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 day a year. Our Pilot Program clients utilize our proprietary activity-tracking management software, RAZOR CMMS.



At the end of the ROYAL Pilot Program, we take time to evaluate the services provided over the last 90 days. We gather feedback from you and provide you with valuable data gathered during the program. Then, we determine the next steps moving forward.

Pilot Program

Scheduled Services

An effective preventive maintenance program can help to reduce your facilities maintenance and repair costs, extend the life of your assets and minimize store disruption. Most importantly, frequent and thorough maintenance of your equipment will help to maintain a safe and welcoming store environment for your employees and guests.  ROYAL offers the following maintenance programs:


  • Quarterly HVAC maintenance

  • Life safety - fire extinguishers, fire alarms and fire sprinklers

  • Backflow certification

Scheduled Services

On Demand Facilities Project Management


Our trade expert project managers are available around the clock to handle your corrective maintenance needs. They act as an extension of your team to minimize budgetary impacts by troubleshooting problems over the phone (call avoidance), tracking and enforcing warranties and prioritizing service requests according to the impact on the safety, security and sales of your stores. They will validate the service request and will only dispatch a technician to site when required.  




  • Scheduled/break-fix

  • Unit replacement

  • TAB commissioning



  • Drain/sewer cleaning

  • Site inspections

  • Leaking fixtures/seals



  • Under carpet power

  • Lighting programs

  • Panel replacement



  • General repairs

  • Carpentry

  • Fixture repairs


  • Emergency board-ups

  • Repair and replacement

  • Solar film installation



  • Lock cylinder re-key

  • Lock replacements

  • Safe repairs


Scheduled Technology

  • Digital signage

  • Point of Sale (POS)

  • Audio/Visual Systems



  • Government services

  • Logistics

  • Procurement

All Others

  • Janitorial

  • Construction clean up

  • Snow removal



  • Place service requests

  • Status updates

  • Create reports



  • Manage assets

  • Store specifications

  • Spend trends

On-Demand Facilities Project Management

Data Analytics


RAZOR CMMS is a powerful tool that allows our ROYAL team and clients to make knowledge-based business decisions because all of the information they need is readily available at their fingertips.

Client submits service request.

Received by trade specific project manager.

Troubleshooting and call avoidance if possible.

Data and store history used to craft scope of work.

ROYAL vendor partner sourced.

Deliverables, status updates and reports provided to client.

Clients can place service requests, view work progress updates and approve project proposals on one platform. Data such as landlord information, lease details, warranty tracking, asset information and store specifications can also be accessed in RAZOR CMMS.


RAZOR allows our clients to monitor capital expenditures, request service, create reports and access other information from a single digital platform through a desktop computer in the office or on their mobile device in the field. RAZOR CMMS provides detailed year-over-year spend, trade comparison and customized financial reports.

Data Analytics
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