Our Story

November 23, 1993: Tom and Charlene Shyver purchase Royal Mechanical Services.

September 1, 2001: Government contracting begins with Honeywell FM & T.


ERA real estate creates a subsidiary, Royal Mechanical Services, Ltd.

December 1993: Signed first client, Hallmark for HVAC services for store portfolio.

Projects and Technology division created to provide turnkey solutions to clients.

About Us

In 1993, Tom Shyver was tasked with closing a young company named Royal Mechanical Services, Ltd.. Upon assessing the situation, rather than closing the company, he and his wife Charlene decided to buy the company. They moved the company to the basement of their home located in southern Johnson County Kansas and focused on building up the facility maintenance company. They secured Hallmark Cards as their first client in December 1993.  


Now, 25 years later they have long since moved out of the family basement. Royal Services has grown to a team of almost 50 employees and a network of over 18,000 trusted vendor partners that help national retailers with project management and facility maintenance services. Additionally, Royal Services is proud to say that Hallmark is still a loyal client.

Our Philosophy

Royal Services is dedicated to delivering on the five pillars that form the core of the company’s philosophy:

  • Ownership and accountability of all aspects of the customer relationship

  • Professionalism in all communications and client endeavors

  • Tenacity to develop a mindset of excellence

  • Innovation to develop creative, cost-effective solutions

  • Collaboration that includes the free flow of knowledge and information via honest discourse and open dialog

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Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas

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