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National Fixture Rollout

Installation of new fixtures across 1,200+ stores for wireless company.

Retail Technology

ROYAL is bridging the gap between information technology, facility maintenance and retail construction.

ROYAL makes the process of implementing and upgrading retail technology streamlined for all stakeholders involved. We are a single-source solution that provides exceptional communication, program management and field execution to ensure each job is completed satisfactorily and with minimal disruption to your store operations.

Whether we are adding low voltage power and data during a remodel, helping you roll out digital devices or swapping out your POS systems, our project management team has the skills, experience and tools required to get the job done right.  ROYAL provides complete end-to-end solutions:

  • Consultation and design

  • Technology procurement

  • Warehousing 

  • Configuration and installation

  • Program management

  • 24/7 call center

  • High-velocity rollouts

  • Repair and maintenance

Network Cable Infrastructure Services



  • Digital signage

  • Digital menu boards

  • Sound systems

  • Telephony

  • Audio conferencing

  • Visual conferencing


Building Automation Systems/IoT

  • Alarms and security

  • Lighting

  • HVAC

  • Energy management

  • Fire alarms

  • RFID

  • Geofencing/beacons



  • Point of Sale (POS)

  • CCTV

  • Autonomous checkout

  • Digital lockers

  • iPad self check-in


Structured Cabling

  • Cat 5e, Cat 6, fiber optic

  • Routers

  • Switches

  • LAN rack installation

  • Network upgrades

  • Wireless networks

  • Patch panel

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High-Velocity Rollouts


Running multiple jobs simultaneously as part of a rollout program is not only a great challenge, but without the right resources, it could impact store operations and your brand.


ROYAL is the trusted partner of choice for high-volume and high-velocity rollouts. We are known for our ability to execute rollouts across hundreds of locations nationwide with complete client satisfaction.


Examples of rollouts ROYAL has executed:

  • Store fixtures

  • Kiosk installations

  • Digital device installations

  • Digital media installations

  • OEM installations

  • ADA improvements

  • LED retrofits 

  • Signage and menu board change-outs

  • POS systems

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