Royal Services provides program management and facility solutions for multi-site brands.

Service that Solves.

Royal Services provides multi-site construction services, customized facility maintenance programs, and information technology solutions to help clients reimagine and maintain their branded environments. 

Whether you need support with a high volume of store remodels, or are looking for a robust scheduled maintenance program, Royal Services can help.

Why choose Royal Services?

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Royal Services has the reputation of being the least disruptive facility problem solver.

We have earned our excellent reputation because of our track record in the multi-site industry.


Our facility maintenance team is comprised of trade-specific project managers who troubleshoot a service call before sending out a technician. When we do send out a technician, the job is done correctly with the goal of a one-trip resolution.

Is Royal Services a good fit for your company?

The best determination of business fit is partnership. We seek long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients.


Royal Services works with clients that share similar values, are looking for long-term business solutions and brand integrity across their store environments.


Most of our clients have a large geographic spread of locations and some of our clients need help to scale their store growth. What all of our clients have in common is their need for a trusted and experienced partner that acts as an extension of their team and brand, allowing them to focus on their core objectives.

Our "Service that Solves" Promise

Royal Services goes one step further by offering each client our "Service That Solves" Promise:


  • Collaboration: Royal Services promises to be your partner. As your partner, your challenges become our challenges, and together we will solve them.

  • Consistency: Royal Services will consistently deliver what we say we will and stand behind our work.

  • Reliability: Royal Services is available 24 hours a day providing peace of mind that we will be there when you need us the most.


A successful high-velocity rollout requires highly skilled and experienced project management and excellent communication between all parties involved throughout the entire process. 


Rollout projects by nature are already challenging with tight timelines, multiple projects running simultaneously and all the coordination that goes on behind the scenes. Add in the busy holiday season, longer than usual material shipment lead times, racing against the clock due to a product drop and that could make for a messy outcome. Read Bryce Johnson’s (Supervisor, Rollouts & Technology at Royal Services) “Service that Solves” story about a challenging rollout project where his team overcame many obstacles and still managed to successfully complete the project ahead of schedule.

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