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Are your retail store maintenance needs being met?

Updated: May 16, 2019

Stepping ever closer to 2019

It's hard to believe that we are already at the halfway point of 2018. Depending on your mindset we are halfway through 2018, or are already halfway towards 2019.

Either way, it's a great opportunity to review the past 6 months and explore any changes that could be made.

Take a couple of minutes to ask yourself the following questions about your professional performance and personal happiness:

(1) Overall, how did you do in the first half of 2018?

(2) Did you reach your goals?

(3) Did you even have goals in place or were you just trying to keep your head above water? (4) Are you happier now than you were in January? (5) Are your problems and challenges gone or are you going to spend the next 6 months battling them?

(6) Are you able to spend the time you need with your family and loved ones?

(7) Are you experiencing peace, fulfillment and excitement every day?

(8) Are you delivering the results that your boss is looking for?

(9) Do you feel stuck and convinced that there is no alternative solution to the ongoing challenges you experience?

(10) Do you have the support network you need to experience a healthy work-life balance or is the weight of the world on your shoulders?

(11) Are you able to spend your time working on strategic initiatives that allow you to make progress, or are you stuck in the weeds constantly putting out fires?

How did you do?

Lady jumping for joy with the love for her work

Great - If after answering these 11 questions, you have a huge smile on your face knowing that you are in control and are crushing things, give yourself a pat on the back and think about asking your boss for a raise!


Pensive gentleman confused about the role that he currently plays in his company

Good - If you feel like there are aspects of your job that are causing you some problems, but you are on top of things and can plan accordingly, then keep progressing as you are! You have got this and you are going to make even more progress as 2019 approaches. You might gain value from connecting with your peers and fellow industry professionals, listening to podcasts, reading industry blogs, and attending trade shows and educational events


Millennial professional stressed out with position and is unable to see light at the end of the tunnel

Overwhelmed and in need of support - You don't need to struggle alone. We can provide a free consultation that will provide you with ideas and guidance about simple changes that can positively impact your daily activities. We will look at what you are currently doing, the challenges that you are faced with, and alternative solutions that could help. This could be as simple as hiring a part time administrative assistant to handle tickets and billing, or a new CMMS platform to consolidate all of your data. Or it could be a larger initiative such as switching from local and regional providers, to partnering with a national provider to streamline communication and accountability. Either way, we will make suggestions given our 25+ years of knowledge and experience.


What to do now

Would you like to know how to crush the second half of 2018? Or, you can just keep doing more of the same and watch things continue to spiral. If you want to get your retail facility projects and maintenance under control well before Thanksgiving, then schedule a FREE breakthrough session with our team where we will get you clear on how to finally conquer and breakthrough your facility struggles. Here's what we will discuss on this call: 1. We're going to talk about where you are right now and how your facility challenges are affecting your life.

2. We're going to discuss what your ideal day looks like and your definition of true happiness in your life.

3. We will create a game plan together on how to get you past the daily facility challenges that you dread once and for all.

And remember, the best news is, this call is FREE. BUT ONLY SCHEDULE THE CALL IF YOU ARE SERIOUS and COMMITTED TO MAKING A CHANGE. Click HERE to schedule your call. Make a change today

If you're committed to exploring change, you have the opportunity to experience alternative solutions before the chaos of the holiday shopping period begins. A pilot program allows you to experience an alternative solution before making your contract decisions for 2019. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, so schedule your call NOW!

Don't keep putting off making the changes that you know you need to implement.

All the best and happy 4th of July to you and your loved ones.

Warm regards,

Jamie Leeper

Director of Business Development


Jamie Leeper Royal Services Director of Business Development

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