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8 companies who have won me over with exceptional customer service

Updated: May 16, 2019

What is it that makes good customer service good?

What is it that separates the good from the bad when it comes to customer service? There are often times when it is a challenge to put your finger on exactly what made your experience special, but you left feeling great and were already looking forward to the next visit. Here we take a closer look at companies who have won and kept my business over the years. We look at the qualities that have helped them to keep me as a customer, and hopefully this will provide you with some areas of improvement that will convince your customers that a relationship with you is a perfect fit.

Solve the puzzle of exceptional customer service with Royal Services

Consolidated Communications Cable company - Incredible customer service, very receptive to feedback, lightning fast response times, and a very high quality product. Also, they have great promotions for new and existing customers, and go above and beyond to make your experience as positive as possible. This is especially nice as this is an industry in which I have experienced some very poor companies over the years, and am so happy to be with Consolidated.

Sprint -This is one of the biggest employers in my community, and I have many friends that work there. Supporting a local company definitely plays a part in my decision, but the most important items are the exceptional customer service, great coverage which is constantly improving, and flexibility with services and pricing to meet my family's needs.

Southwest Airlines-Very few changes to flights means more convenience for travelers, lots of direct flights, great rewards program with Rapid Rewards, bags travel for free, "Transfarency" with no hidden costs, but most importantly is the company culture and the incredible employees who make flying with SWA such an enjoyable experience.

Southwest Airlines transfarency is an example of great customer service

My Doctor -This obviously is a huge decision in everyone's life. I am so lucky to have such an incredible medical professional who listens and treats me as an individual, takes the time to make sure that my needs have been met, displays an incredible understanding of his content, and shows genuine interest, rather than just doing what a text book tells him to.

State Farm Agent-My family do a lot of business with State Farm including auto insurance, home insurance, personal property, life insurance, 529 college savings funds, and personal retirement accounts. I have been with the same insurance agent for the past 3 years as he is reliable, honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable, dependable and always there when we need him. However, the thing that sold us on the front end was the fact that instead of just throwing a policy at us to make a quick buck, he took the time to get to know us, asked questions about our dreams and aspirations, and customized a program that would meet our needs and allow us to achieve our financial and personal goals. Greg Aldridge State Farm Agent of the Year!

Real estate agent-We found our Realtor by chance as we visited an open house, but her low pressure approach, knowledge and outgoing personality made it an easy decision for us. She was able to get asking price for our place as well as negotiating on our behalf for our new home. She was always there for us during the process, which was especially helpful for my wife who was the primary decision-maker. The thing that has really impressed us with Megan is that she was not just after the sale, but was, and still is keen to develop a long-lasting relationship. 3 and a half years after purchasing our home, we still receive a newsletter and fun gifts every now and then, and now socialize with Megan Irvine and her family when our schedules allow!

What does your customer service look like? Can it be better?

Go through each of the qualities listed above and see how many of them you and your company are currently doing, you might surprise yourself! Qualities such as being knowledgeable, diligent, trustworthy, honest, and understanding have allowed Royal Services to evolve into one of the nation's leading facility maintenance companies and we hope that these ideas will help you take your company to the next level. Make sure you and your team are not only attracting new customers, but also retaining those that you already have.

The same goes for your staff. Spending too much of your time focused on new hires, instead of supporting and appreciating those who have got you to this point can be disastrous. Which companies have won your heart over with the consistently incredible level of service that you experience? What is it that makes your interaction with them so enjoyable? We would love to hear your positive customer service stories in the comments below!

Royal Services offers exceptional customer service to its clients

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