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Data Oversight with RAZOR for Retail Facility Maintenance

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Royal Services offers its proprietary CMMS, RAZOR, for retail facility maintenance
The right data at the right time

It's the end of the day Friday, and before you leave you need updates on all your outstanding service calls. Like most of us, you live on the computer and expect the information at your fingertips. You need a service provider who delivers your data on demand, how you want it. That's what RAZOR was designed to do. However, the most powerful use of RAZOR is experienced when reviewing spend, creating CapEx budgets, and analyzing your real estate strategy. The data contained within puts you in total control before you make big financial decisions.

A tool designed with you in mind

Royal Services isn't just a national rollout project management company and FMS provider. We are problem solvers and share common goals with our partners. Due to constant demand from our clients, we developed RAZOR as a proprietary information system from the ground up, using years of experience in project management and FMS. All development is in-house, flexible, customizable, and on-going. Your role-based data set is delivered in a timely manner, in a way that can be organized, filtered, sorted, and grouped in any way you desire. Our goal is provide you with answers, fast.

Proving that FMS is much more than a necessary evil

RAZOR is the next step in leveraging technology to increase the quality of our services to our clients. Data drives most businesses, and our customers are no exception. Typically retail facility maintenance and repairs purely looked at as an expense. Yet a strategic partner can drive more performance out of the company’s locations by using data to make smarter decisions about maintenance, repair and construction work. RAZOR keeps record of the services provided and the details of every service call that comes in. In aggregate, by having a view of all calls, repeated issues are identified and corrected proactively, rather than just fixing things when they break.

Crap in, crap out

Of course, we are there for you 24/7/365 to provide on-demand support as needed. Our trade-experienced project managers are here to answer questions and help you understand trade specific outcomes, which help keep your data accurate. Service issues are reviewed, questioned, qualified, solved, and then recorded properly. Because the information delivered to you is only as good as the data entered in.

Managing your assets

The system doesn't stop with just call tracking capabilities: RAZOR also puts facility asset information at your fingertips. We track asset data and site specifications. From HVAC unit information to carpet and paint colors and styles, we can track it for you and deliver it online. All of our reports are exportable to Excel spreadsheets and PDF. If you need to know it, we can record it and you can have access to it.

Drill down to the level of detail you need

For corporate level users, RAZOR provides summary data to give you a snapshot of your maintenance activities. At a glance, you can compare call counts, amounts spent, and averages, all compared year over year. We also give you an estimate of total outstanding spend, so you always know where you stand. Need territory based reporting to evaluate district or regional managers? RAZOR incorporates two levels of territories, allowing filtering and grouping. Quickly, you can compare total spend between territories. For someone in charge of a budget, this tool in invaluable.

Take control of your data and assets today

So put the power of RAZOR on your side. Modern data systems render not knowing where you stand a thing of the past. It's your data, put it to work. Contact us to discuss more about what Royal can do for you or to schedule a test drive.

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