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Royal Services: How It All Began

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Our motto at Royal Services is “Service That Solves”. Not “Service That Profits,” “Service Without Communication,” or “Service That Leaves You Needing More Service.” So what exactly are we solving? Our dedicated team at Royal Services has a specialized service to solve your organization’s retail facility maintenance challenges across your geographically dispersed store roster.

Service That Solves.

It’s not just about managing service needs and organizing roll-out projects. We are a family-owned business with a focus on what’s most important in retail facility maintenance – the relationship. With a foundation of trust and transparency, we have been the one point of contact for our customers for over twenty years.

The Beginning

Royal Mechanical Services, Ltd. (RMS) was established as a division of Royal Home Protection, a subsidiary of Electronic Realty Associates, LP (ERA). Royal Home Protection, Inc. began in 1972 and had emerged as a successful pioneer in the home protection/warranty business. (The parent company, ERA, remains a residential real estate brokerage providing services nationwide). A key advantage was ERA’s extensive, customized database, which provided the ability to analyze data in real time to make better decisions, allowing the company to be proactive.

In 1988, a key partner in the home warranty business, Lennox Industries, expressed a need for similar services in the commercial marketplace. As a result, Royal Mechanical Services, Ltd. was created as a national rollout company & immediately took on its first client, Pizza Hut of America.

Remember the Bigfoot Pizza from Pizza Hut? One of our first rollout projects involved the replacement of ovens in numerous Pizza Hut locations across the country to make room for those yeti-sized pies. The project (and the pies) were successful, and Royal Mechanical Services, Ltd. was off and running.

Royal Services project management facility solutions

Despite early success, the corporate parent, ERA, decided to retrench and focus on the residential market, divesting itself of the startup division in late 1993.

Family Rebirth to Nationwide Problem Solvers

In December of 1993, Tom and Charlene Shyver purchased Royal Mechanical Services from ERA and incorporated the firm. Tom was a key figure in Royal’s initial success with the parent firm and saw an opportunity with the existing database to link customers to sites with technology, while still fostering a strategy of interpersonal communication. By maintaining this focus, Tom and Charlene took the company in a direction to build and strengthen the customer relationship. This database eventually became our RAZOR facilities management system (more on that in a later post)! and has allowed us to mature into the leading national facility management company in recent years.

Data management is critical for the efficient running of retail facilities

For the first three years after its rebirth, the Shyver family ran the business out of an office within their home. As the customer base grew and the brand strengthened, additional family members came on board. Soon thereafter, it became time to find office space and they moved to a small office suite shared with a veterinarian. (Every family member has their favorite “Oh my gosh did that really just happen” story about sharing office space with a vet; it was interesting.)

In the vet-shared offices, Royal Services (the “Mechanical” was eventually dropped) began to build the thriving, long-term base of customers we continue to serve today by delivering solutions in facilities maintenance, construction, networking, & government contracting. Eventually, the business growth led the firm to build our own office, and as the company grew the three Shyver sons began to take a more active role in the management of different areas of the firm. Tom and Charlene retired in 2014, confident their sons and other Royal managers will continue the focus on building client relationships.

And we have. Royal is involved in the entire facility management process, from top to bottom. We handle communications between outside techs and service providers. We oversee retail facility maintenance and project management for both corporate headquarters and individual store locations. We pride ourselves on open and clear customer and vendor communication.

The Royal Advantage

We focus on providing the best-value proposition. There are some commonalities among customers but for the most part, each one is unique. So each service offering is customized and optimized to each customer to solve a particular problem.

Which brings us back to “Service That Solves.” Our business works for our customers because we treat them like family. Royal Services was built on family values and continues to thrive on that foundation. We are a family on which our customers can rely, and our service always solves. Contact Royal to develop a tailored solution for you.

Royal Services, service that solves

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