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Back of house monitor installations

During the busy holiday season, when most people are enjoying festive parties and overindulging on delicious foods, our technology rollout team received a last minute request from a national telecom company to install mounted monitors and media players. This project, which began on December 3rd and was completed on December 28th, impacted 286 locations, which meant 10 stores a day needed to be completed in order for the job to be done on time.

In each store, a specific list of items needed to be completed. Here are the 10 items completed by our team:

  1. Identify location of monitor installation

  2. Remove and dispose of existing whiteboard

  3. Touch up paint as required

  4. Install electrical duplex

  5. Install bracket

  6. Install media player to wall

  7. Hang TV on mount and connect necessary cables

  8. Verify functionality

  9. Clean up work space, review with store manager

  10. Submit deliverables

The services provided throughout this rollout project were as follows:

  • Project Management

  • Electrical Services

  • Low Voltage Services

  • Digital Signage (Monitor + Media player)

During the projects, it was discovered by Royal's project managers that the client-supplied shipments (Monitor/Mount/Media Player) would not be shipped in time to arrive at work sites for weeks one and two. Royal's incredible team of project managers worked into the nights and even the weekends during the first week leading up to launch day to formulate plans of attack to mitigate the risk around these missed shipments.

Bryce Johnson, supervisor for the Technology team at Royal, shared his thoughts on this initial setback. "These logistics challenges essentially threw our initial game plan completely out the window as the install schedule was designed so tightly to begin with. We eventually proposed a plan for revisits that would work for all parties and still get the entire project completed by the client's deadline for Project Completion of Jan 1st 2019." Johnson's team worked around the clock to help get things back on track after this initial hiccup. Although this obstacle was not caused by the Royal team, their diligence, experience, expertise and quick thinking helped to avoid major delays for the project and the client. It would have been easy to throw this back to the client, but Royal has built its reputation on their dedication to the partnerships they develop.

Royal's motto is "Service that Solves" for good reason. They always take the extra step to solve any issues their clients may be having, or help them expand their stores to the next level. This is all made easy for Royal by having the highest quality team members, like Bryce, working to solidify those relationships with their clients. Bryce has worked as a field technician trainer, project manager supervisor, and senior project manager and has been with Royal for just over a year. His experience has given him great tools and knowledge that help him to navigate through difficult situations, as well as the information to educate and support his team and the technicians in the field.

To learn more about Bryce and his extensive background, check out his LinkedIn profile here. If you are stressed out about your upcoming technology rollout project and are looking to find a partner who will truly work on your behalf, schedule a consultation with the team at Royal today.

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