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The Benefits of Undercarpet Power

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Undercarpet power supply is changing the retail store environment

Flexibility at the click of a finger

Reliable communication is essential in today's society, and is especially important to keep up with the speed of business. The CommScope Undercarpet Power System is a flexible method of bringing power to a complicated office or retail layout, and Royal Services are the nation's most trusted installation crew. This technology gives you the ability to move, add and change power and data supplied for fixture and product locations at the snap of a finger.

Easy to install and move

The system has the capability to provide power in a variety of locations including, but not limited to, retail, gaming, and open office spaces as allowed by code. The system components are designed so that the installation, removal, and relocation of cable and individual devices may be accomplished without major modifications to walls, floors, or other building structural components. This is especially beneficial to the retail industry where frequent movement occurs with new store fixture installation & repairs, and updated store layouts. Additionally, the system eliminates the need for unsightly power poles, making the environment more aesthetically appealing.

Accessibility is no longer an issue

The CommScope Undercarpet Power System is a modern, flexible way to make the most complex cabling layout simple, economical and easy to handle. Whatever equipment may be needed can be cabled with ease. Retail facility maintenance issues are reduced and building construction is possible without the extensive and costly electrical work required for conventional systems.

The perfect partner for carpet tiles

Under carpet power installation is an alternative to conventional round cable for the distribution of power virtually anywhere on the floor without the limitations of underfloor ducts, walls, and utility poles. As the product description implies, CommScope Undercarpet System is only for use under carpet, specifically modular carpet squares as governed by NEC and CEC requirements. Undercarpet communications cable is another solution produced by CommScope that could really help your retail layout.

Carpet tiles are perfect for under carpet power installed by Royal Services

Relocating the technology is simple

The CommScope Undercarpet Cabling system is a low profile, flexible system that makes even the most complex cabling job in an office or retail environment simple, economical and beautifully invisible. The cabling to provide power, voice and data services to your equipment can be handled with ease. And it's changeable! If modifications are required after the initial installation, don’t worry about the cabling. You can change it to fit your new requirements just about as easily as you move the furniture or retail display fixtures. Take up a few sections of the carpet squares, change the routing of the Undercarpet cables and relocate the floor fittings. Presto! You’re back in business.

Your remodel and new fixture challenges just disappeared

With this system, all your power, voice and data networks can be routed virtually anywhere under the carpet without the restrictions encountered with underfloor ducts, walls, partitions and power/data poles.

Sprint have taken full advantage of undercarpet power cabling to completely change the interior of their stores. Not only are the stores more aesthetically appealing, new fixtures and store remodels are much simpler than before due to the ease of working with the CommScope system.

Primary applications:

- Ideal for multiple Retail Stores

- Highly suited for the "Store-in-a-box" concept since all power, voice and data cabling can be pre-packaged in one box.

- Open lobby or customer reception areas

- Areas not easily accessible by traditional cabling methods

- So flexible that it can be retroactively installed after retail design and construction.

Undercarpet power installed by Royal Services leaves stores clear for displays without cords

Installation Solutions

The team at Royal Services specialize in the installation of undercarpet power and data cabling, and have executed multiple rollout projects using this technology, which is available from Electronics Supply Company Inc. in Kansas City. The following photos are from jobs where we were called to come in and clean up the sub-par jobs performed by other companies. This is high tech equipment and needs to be installed by professionals. As you will see below, fire damage can occur if not implemented correctly. Would you want this to be happening underneath your feet as you are working with customers? The phrase "brushing it under the carpet" springs to mind!

What not to do

These are the top 10 mistakes made with undercarpet power installation:

  1. It's not readily available, therefore not many people understand how to professionally install it, leading to increased chances of fire. Be sure to contact a professional installer when adding this system to your facility.

  2. If the top shield is not installed correctly it can move, which allows moisture to attack the conductors causing them to fail.

  3. The cables have to bend at specific angles. Failure to do so will lead to damaged equipment and reduced or even no connection.

  4. Top shield not taped entirely around the edges allowing moisture to get to the conductors

  5. Top shield missing entirely, could lead to electrifying customer service...

  6. Floor prep not laid down (this is a moisture/vapor barrier)

  7. Taps/Splices not being crimped properly – can lead to intermittent connections due to walking on it or nearby, or trip breaker

  8. Transition from flat to solid at the floor not tight enough and causing same intermittent/breaker tripping issues when walked near

  9. Power running over data

  10. Floor outlets not anchored to the floor (floating)

Qualified technician installing undercarpet power system

Contact us today to see how installing CommScope Undercarpet power cabling could completely change your retail facilities!

Royal are much more than just a national rollout company and are here to help with all aspects of your facilities that are currently holding you back.

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